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Notre blog francophone

Étant de fiers québecois, nous avons à coeur le Québec et ce qui s’y passe. Les articles ci-dessous sont donc conssacrés, pour la plupart, à nos amis francophones.

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Les ressources éducatives

Il y a plusieurs options devant nous quand vient le temps de choisir les ressources éducatives pour notre enseignement à la maison! Qu’on parle de cahiers d’exercices, de sites web offrant des fiches d’exercices à imprimer ou de la panoplie de “cossins” que vous trouverez dans les divers magasins à rayons (sans mentionné les géants de la commande en ligne en livraison express!), il est vrai qu’on peut rapidement s’y perdre quand vient le temps de prendre LA bonne décision.

École maison – Par où commencer?

Si c’est votre première année d’école à la maison et que vous vous sentez un peu perdu face à ce nouvel univers, je vous explique par où commencer quand on veut faire l’école à la maison au Québec.

Déménager à 4000km pendant la pandémie

Un déménagement à l’autre bout du pays, on a beau planifié ça le plus méticuleusement du monde, il fini toujours par arriver des imprévus.

Le transport de nos meubles cancellé

Normalement, nous déménageons nos meubles aussi facilement (ou presque!) que nous-mêmes. Pas cette fois on dirait..

Our traveling blog

We love to travel.
This section is dedicated to our traveling experiences only.

A Family on the move - The Charriere

The Charrière Family – A family on the move.

  • I’m from Québec City, Canada.
  • He’s from Jura, Switzerland.
  • Our three children are from Victoriaville, Canada.

But somehow, we all live in Gatineau, Qc. 400km away from my hometown and 8000km from his.

Where we met

Since we’ve met, Pierre and I have been moving all over the province of Québec. From the small town of Jonquière where we met to the big metropolis of Montréal where I had my first job. Then we got married and left everything to move to the country of St-Norbert where we wanted to have a family.

Our first big move

Years later, once our family was complete, we were surprised by this desire to move again. But this time, to the other side of the country where my husband’s side of the family were raising their families. So we took our three children, Arielle 4 years old, Zack 2 years old and Chloé 3 months old and we moved 4000km to the West.

Our second big move

Chilliwack in Beautiful British Columbia is definitely a wonderful place to live. We’ve met plenty of awesome people here that we love dearly. Yet, after three years, many things happen that brought us back to the province of Québec. Did we move back home? You would think so… But no, we moved to Gatineau! A little town located 5 minutes from Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Our new blog “A Family on the Move” will serve mainly as a « news feed » for the people we know… for now! As you may know, Pierre and I can be quite unpredictable sometimes. We love not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Although, there’s one thing that we know will never change and this truth only is allowing us to experience such a lifestyle. The word of God has changed our lives. Jesus Christ alone is the way to real freedom.

So all I can say for now is that we have many ideas to fill this blog but we’ll see what God has in mind for us before making any plans. But first things first. Let’s enjoy our new life in Gatineau!

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