Our new blog – To the East!

Hi everyone! Many of you don’t know about this but Pierre and I have a French blog (il était une foi) that explains everything one needs to know about moving from Québec to BC. What to do and not to do, how is life in BC compare to Québec, etc.

Over the last three years, I’ve received lots of questions and encouragements through this blog. Little did we know that we would moving back three years later! But here we are, 4 days away from our new adventure and still wanting to keep our blog alive.

Since our first website was all in French, we decided to start fresh by creating a new English blog: A Family on the Move! We now are more fluent in English (though I apologize for all the spelling mistakes I’ll make..) we realized that if are not moving, we are traveling.. Always on the move these Charrière..

On this new blog, you’ll be able to follow us on our journey back to Québec but moreover, you’ll know all about our future adventures. Like I said, we like traveling and we might have another project in mind. God willing, we’ll be making plans after our move is complete and we’ll let you in on more details.

But for now, let’s keep packing boxes! We have a house to empty!

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